The Gamskarkogelhütte offers a total of 20 places to stay overnight:

1x bedroom for 5 people
1x bedrooms for 4 people
1x bedroom for up to11 persons




The beds are equipped with sheets, blankets and a pillow. A sleeping bag is essential to use. Hut-sleeping-bags (very thin ones, just for hygienic reasons) can be purchased or rented from the hut when needed. There are no lights in the rooms so please take flashlights with you. Headlamps can be purchased or rented in the hut. 


  bedroom (max. 6 persons) bedroom (> 6 persons) winter room (during winter season!) emergency


members non-members members non-members  

age > 26

25,00 37,00 15,00 27,00 15,00 27,00 7,00

age > 19 to < 26

25,00 37,00 15,00 27,00 15,00  27,00 7,00

age > 7 to < 19

13,00 20,00 7,00 20,00 10,00 20,00 5,00

age < 7

8,00 18,00 0,00 10,00 0,00 10,00 0,00

In all other times you have to pay the rates mentioned above (cash needed, otherwise I ask for a bank transfer to the bank account mentioned under contacts of this website). Caution: The Winter room can not be heated. I also ask you to leave the winter room clean and tidy. Thank you very much!

You can pay also by card (VISA, MC, Bankcard)!!!

Existing emergency beds are only used when all the other beds are occupied. Self-catering is not permitted except for members of an alpine club! There are some self-service areas. In case of self-catering day visitors pay EUR 2,50 for the use of the infrastructure of the hut. Overnight guests pay EUR 5,00. Children and youth under the age of 19 are excluded from these payments. Your own alcohol may not be consumed in the hut. 

The overnight-tariff includes any AV-specific charges such as heating supplements in the winter as well as baggage insurance. When you pay, the innkeeper gives you a document as evidence of the luggage insurance.

The youth / children rate will is also valid for youth leaders upon presentation of a valid ID. 



Alpine Hut at 2.467m a.s.l.
5630 Bad Hofgastein

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