Alpine Hut
at 2.467m a.s.l.
Alpine Hut
at 2.467m a.s.l.
Alpine Hut
at 2.467m a.s.l.
Alpine Hut
at 2.467m a.s.l.

The Hut

The Gamskarkogelhütte (also called Badgasteiner hut) is located right on the summit at 2,467 meters above sea level of the Gamskarkogel. Learn to know the simple hut as in the times of Archduke Johann (around 1828), without stress. The panoramic view is fantastic, equally impressive are the wonderful sunrises and sunsets!



Mountains in Flames!

At June 17th you have the possibility to see the Gastein-Mountain in Flames! Solstice 2017. Around Gasteinertal fires will lighten the mountains and ridges. Come up to Gamskarkogelhütte and and enjoy this!

Opening Hours

Opening of the Gamskarkogelhut in 2017

24. - 28. May (Wed-Sun)
2.-6. June (Fri-Tue)
9.-11. June (Fri-Sun.) => Grand Opening!
14.-18. June (Wed-Sun) => June, 17th, Mountains in Flames
23.-25. June (Fri-Sun)
30. June bis 20. September (24/7)
[21./22. September closed]
23. September to 3. October (24/7)
October / November => Weekends (Fri-Sun), if the conditions are fine. This is also valid for the weekends in May and June.

Please check the website or facebook for current information.

See you,


Food & Drinks

Enjoy your peak experience in the Gamskarkogel-Hut with selected juices, beer, wine, spirits, coffee and tea ... Food is simple (Soups, Lentils with Bacon, mixed cheese or cold cuts with bread, sausages...), but we just use products of best quality.



Stay overnight on the Gamskarkogelhütte! An unforgettable experience. So a cozy hut evening will be a really nice experience. The Gamskarkogelhütte offers a total of 30 accommodations in various rooms.


Getting there

The hut can be reached from the Gasteinertal => Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein, and from the Großarltal => Hüttschlag. Futhermore you can find the hut on the Salzburger Almendweg and is right on the Arnoweg. As a ski tour, the tour is usually done starting from Hüttschlag. All accesses are described in more detail.



Alpine Hut at 2.467m a.s.l.
5630 Bad Hofgastein

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